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Let's listen to our kids

Once upon a time...

Story corner

Miss Khyeetisha Rani  (V), The Storyteller

Book Exhibition


The book exhibition was like a colorful treasure hunt for stories. Children chatted happily, sharing their love for books and discovering new tales to take home.At the book exhibition, there were rows of colorful stalls with books of all shapes and sizes from WOODPECKER ,Kolkata publisher.The air was filled with the delightful scent of fresh paper. The book exhibition was a magical world where stories came to life on every page.

Library beyond the wall

Date- 16/11/2023

On the soft green grass of our school's lawn, students gather with their books. The sun shines, and a cool breeze makes reading extra enjoyable. It's like having a big, open library outdoors. The students quietly read and share stories, surrounded by the beauty of nature. It's a happy place where learning and relaxation come together.

Literary conclave

published  book

A literary conclave at our school recently witnessed a remarkable event - the book launch by our talented school students.

eminent hindi writer

DATE- 07/09/2023

chorus by students

The event was an opportunity not only to showcase the student's literary prowess but also to inspire others to explore the world of words and imagination. It emphasized the importance of nurturing young talent and fostering a love for literature within the school community.

DATE- 15/07/2023
book published

As the book was unveiled amidst applause and admiration, it served as a reminder that creativity knows no age limits. The literary conclave became a platform for celebrating not only this student's success but also the power of literature to unite and inspire.

eminent odia writer
Story telling session by Ms Shivani Das

"Ms Shivani Das: The Master Weaver of Stories, Unveiled a World of Wonder!" Immersed in the enchanting realm of storytelling, our primary teacher, Shivani Das, spun magical tales that transported us to far-off lands. With her captivating presence and lyrical storytelling, she sparked curiosity, nurtured imaginations, and left an indelible mark on our young hearts. Our journey into the realm of storytelling with Shivani Das remains an unforgettable memory.

zero period

"Embracing the Digital Detox: No Mobile Day Commenced   from             01 July!" Step away from the screens and reconnect with the world around you as we embark on a day free from mobile devices. 

"Embrace the Quiet Hour: Zero Period Initiates a School-wide Reading Adventure!" The school comes alive with the hush of excitement as the clock strikes at 12:40 which marks the commencement of Zero Period. Books open, pages turn, and minds dive into worlds unknown. Together, we embark on a collective journey of knowledge , imagination , and the joy of  reading, fostering a community of lifelong learners.  

Zero Period observed on 1st July
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