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Suggest a  Book

The library members can suggest/recommend books/periodicals/multimedia for the library by using recommendation form available in the library. 

What would you like to read? Suggest Books for Your Library

Dear Students

Think about the books you would like to read and would like to have in your library. Post your suggestions here as a comment or make your suggestion by coming physical to the library and fill up the available library suggestion form or you can mail to your librarian. You may also make an online suggestion at suggestion box

Please confirm that whether the book is already available in the library before making your suggestion.
Provide the title, author and publisher of the book. As usual, your suggestions will be given importance and we will try to get them at the earliest. You will be notified when the book is available for borrowing.
Thank you...



The members can suggest/recommend books/periodicals/multimedia for the library by typing their Name, Email, Subject, Message and pressing submit button.

Thanks! Message sent.


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